The Project

 I am a French Muslim doing a world tour of a different kind : a 2-year Muslim World Tour.


My project is simple : I will travel from Makkah to Madinah, and visit more than 50 countries. Every week I sleep in a different mosque, in a different city and I interview the Muslims I meet. To show the reality of Islam through the videos I make and show the Muslims as they are.

I already started my trip in Makkah, and right now I am in South East-Asia and I share with you my travel experience as a Muslim.


Video episodes, articles and photographs of the trip are released weekly on the blog

Advertising, selling photographs and getting sponsorship will inshAllah provide me enough money to keep travelling. I need to cover my expenses during my 2-year trip and also pay for video production.

And every month, I donate 15% of what I earn to build our Muslim high-school and mosque in my hometown in France, or help a family from the country I am visiting.

At the end of my journey and if I can I want to perform the Hajj (pilgrimage) in Makkah.

21st century Ibn Battuta.


Listed below are the goals I want to acheive apart from just travelling and interviewing Muslims :


  • Praying Fajr at mosques, and memorizing Quran after the prayer, studying more my religion
  • Meeting Muslims and having more friends
  • Improve my languages skills, especially arabic
  • Give a real and unbiased image of my religion and brothers, which is not always the case in western media
  • Raise fund to build a mosque or Muslim high school in France
  • Show the Muslims in the West how their brothers live in other countries, especially poor countries
  • Setting up an online Sadaqa (donation) Box, to give money to the poors I meet, Muslims or non-Muslims
  • Going back to France, building a Muslim high school for our children and our mosque

InshAllah (God willing).

Trailer of the Muslim World Tour:



Gibran Hasnaoui,
Muslim Blogger and Globetrotter