Sadaqa Box

This project is totally independent and self-funded.

Make a donation to help us maintain the website and develop it (pay for web hosting service), buy video equipment (software upgrade, hard drives for video editing, cameras…) and tickets to travels from a city to another during our world tour. This fund is for us and we will spend the money on the Muslim World Tour.

Also, part of it (15% monthly) goes to poor families we meet during the world tour, to a social project or to a mosque project.

Whenever possible we will give silver dirhams to the poor. This Sadaqa Box is not meant to collect your zakat ul maal or zakat al fitr. Please don’t give it to us. THIS IS NOT A CHARITY


Bank account in France :

Name Muslim World Tour
IBAN FR76 1751 5900 0008 0048 1657 923


Donate with credit card (no need to have a Paypal account)


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