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Ask the Sheikh #1 : The most important thing in Islam

Dears viewers, going on meeting Muslims in Dubai, I met a preacher here, and asked a simple question about Islam, subtitles are available in English when I speak in French.   Erratum: Ismail étudie Usool ad Deen (études islamiques) à Preston University, Ajman, EAU Link to the Quran I am talking about in the video […]

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Ex-Pastor explains why he reverted to Islam in Dubai

Dear viewers, I made this interview for the website It is a website where former Priests, Pastors and Rabbis give their testimonials on why they choosed Islam. Now, this video was recorded last month, when this former pastor Joao de Deus a.k.a. Ibrahim came back from Hajj (pilgrimage), I had the opportunity to talk […]

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