Ex-Pastor explains why he reverted to Islam in Dubai

Dear viewers, I made this interview for the website jesusisamuslim.com. It is a website where former Priests, Pastors and Rabbis give their testimonials on why they choosed Islam. Now, this video was recorded last month, when this former pastor Joao de Deus a.k.a. Ibrahim came back from Hajj (pilgrimage), I had the opportunity to talk to him and we decided we would make an interview.

Click on CC in Youtube, to select the subtitle in your language (video is in portuguese).


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2 Responses to “Ex-Pastor explains why he reverted to Islam in Dubai”

  1. Anfi G 24 février 2012 at 8 h 40 min # Répondre

    BarakaLah fik for this great initiative! Enabling us to travel with you all over the muslim world makes us realize that Muslim is not synonymous with Arab as we actually think in France. We know the beauty of our religion but we don’t realize it is beautiful enough to convince so many and different people from so many countries and with such a variety of cultures.

    Thank you, Gracias, Merci, Arigato, Grazie, Tesekkur, BarakaLah fik.

  2. Firghana Alya 14 juillet 2012 at 18 h 16 min # Répondre

    Touching story brother…
    keep it up!

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