Season Pilot 2/2 : Meeting the Muslims in India

This is the second video to give you an idea of what my Muslim World Tour will be. It’ an old video shot with a cheap camera on which my mother poured shampoo 3 years ago. RIP camera.

I stayed in India more than a month and visited many Muslim places, I also met incredible people whith whom I still have contacts, 4 years later.

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Muslim, Blogger, Globetrotter, modern day Ibn Battuta. I left everything to meet Muslims from all around and bring exclusive videos of the Ummah : the Muslim World.

5 Responses to “Season Pilot 2/2 : Meeting the Muslims in India”

  1. Aurélien Amacker 1 octobre 2011 at 6 h 46 min # Répondre

    Excellent ce petit reportage ! « Ice cream ice cream » et puis « c’est pas fini bouldel là », j’adore !

    Vivement la première saison 😉

  2. mahdiya 25 février 2012 at 18 h 51 min # Répondre

    salam alaikoum
    ca c mon pays

  3. saif sayyed 29 février 2012 at 5 h 00 min # Répondre

    Did you visited Mumbai?

    • Gibran 29 février 2012 at 6 h 19 min # Répondre

      I visited Mumbai long time ago, I will go back soon there, to meet Zakir Naik, I like him

      • Farida 7 mars 2012 at 9 h 20 min # Répondre

        Zakir Naik 🙂 !

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